OX Tools Trade XL 10 Segmented Diamond 230mm Blade General Purpose

£22.07 exc. VAT

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Brand: OX Tools

Type: Trade XL 10 Segmented Diamond Blade

Size: 230mm

Purpose: General Purpose

Price: £20.06

Description: The OX Tools Trade XL 10 Segmented Diamond 230mm Blade is a high-performance cutting tool designed for general-purpose use. With its durable construction and segmented design, this diamond blade delivers efficient and precise cutting in various materials.

Usage: The OX Tools Trade XL 10 Segmented Diamond Blade is suitable for a wide range of cutting applications, including concrete, brick, block, and other building materials. It is ideal for use with angle grinders and masonry saws. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this blade provides reliable performance and versatility.

Featuring 10 high-quality diamond segments, this blade ensures fast and clean cuts with reduced chipping. The segmented design helps to dissipate heat, enhancing the blade’s longevity and cutting efficiency. The 230mm size provides ample cutting depth and coverage for most general-purpose cutting tasks.

Invest in the OX Tools Trade XL 10 Segmented Diamond 230mm Blade General Purpose, priced at £20.06, and experience its exceptional cutting performance and durability. Whether you’re working on construction projects, renovations, or DIY tasks, this blade is built to deliver reliable results. Add this high-quality diamond blade to your collection and achieve precise and efficient cuts in a variety of materials.

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