OX Tools Latex Grip Glove – Orange

£1.20 exc. VAT

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Brand: OX Tools

Type: Latex Grip Glove

Color: Orange

Price: £1.20

Description: The OX Tools Latex Grip Glove in Orange is a practical and affordable solution for hand protection in various work environments. Designed with a latex grip, these gloves offer enhanced dexterity and grip for improved performance and safety.

Usage: The OX Tools Latex Grip Glove is suitable for a range of tasks, including construction, gardening, and general maintenance. The latex coating provides excellent grip, allowing for better control of tools and materials. These gloves are ideal for tasks that require precision and handling of slippery objects.

Featuring a comfortable and flexible design, these gloves allow for unrestricted movement and reduced hand fatigue. The latex coating enhances durability and resistance to abrasion, ensuring long-lasting performance. The bright orange color enhances visibility, making them easily noticeable in various working conditions.

Invest in the OX Tools Latex Grip Glove in Orange, priced at £1.20 per pair, and experience the combination of affordability, functionality, and protection. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or engaging in DIY projects, these gloves provide the necessary grip and dexterity to carry out tasks with confidence and safety.

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