OX Tools Claw Hammer 20oz

£14.83 exc. VAT

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Brand: OX Tools

Type: Claw Hammer

Weight: 20 ounces (567 grams)

Price: £14.83

Description: The OX Tools Claw Hammer 20oz is a professional-grade hammer designed for heavy-duty tasks. With its robust construction and comfortable grip, this hammer delivers power, precision, and durability for various carpentry and construction applications.

Usage: The OX Tools Claw Hammer 20oz is engineered for professional carpenters, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts who demand a high-performance hammer. It is ideal for driving and extracting nails, as well as general construction and woodworking tasks. The 20-ounce weight provides excellent striking force, while the claw end allows for efficient nail removal.

Featuring a durable construction, this claw hammer is built to withstand repeated use in demanding environments. The comfortable grip minimizes hand fatigue and ensures a secure hold during operation. The balanced design of the hammer enhances control and accuracy for precise hammering.

Invest in the OX Tools Claw Hammer 20oz priced at £14.83 and experience its exceptional strength and reliability. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this claw hammer delivers the performance and longevity required for a wide range of carpentry and construction projects. Add this high-quality tool to your arsenal and enjoy its dependable craftsmanship.

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