Gravel Board – Recessed 6ft

6ft x 12" Concrete

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 6ft length and 12 inches height, compatible with standard fence panels.
  • Material: High-quality reinforced concrete for unrivalled durability.
  • Design: Elegant recessed patterns that enhance a multitude of fence designs.
  • Protection: Supreme defence against environmental damage, extending fence life.
  • Maintenance: Effortless upkeep due to its concrete construction’s strength and weather resistance.
  • Installation: Effortlessly installed alongside standard fencing, suitable for professional and DIY projects.

Brought to you by Essex Board and Timber, this 6ft x 12inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board is the definitive solution for a sturdy, stylish, and low-maintenance fencing system in Braintree, Essex, and beyond.

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Product Title:

6ft x 12inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board from Essex Board and Timber

Product Description:

Secure the longevity and appearance of your garden fencing with the high-quality 6ft x 12inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board, proudly supplied by Essex Board and Timber, your trusted construction materials provider in Braintree, Essex. Expertly engineered to enhance fence durability, this gravel board is a cornerstone product for any fencing installation.

Measuring six feet in length and twelve inches in height, our concrete gravel board is tailored to align with standard fencing panels, offering a robust and protective layer between the moisture-laden soil and your wooden fence. Featuring a refined recessed design not only for aesthetic enhancement but also for added structural support, it ensures your fence’s integrity and stability for years to come.

Manufactured with premier, weather-resistant concrete sourced in Braintree, Essex, this gravel board is resistant to the harshest of outdoor elements. It stands as a vigilant guard against rot and decay at the base of your fence, with a substantial weight that keeps it securely grounded, warding off moisture and pests.

Ideal for both new fencing projects and existing perimeter upgrades, Essex Board and Timber’s gravel board is the smart choice for a neat and professional boundary that lasts. Beyond its practical application, it also contributes to the seamless beauty of your landscaping design.