CLS C16 Kiln Dried 50mm x 100mm

2.4 Mtr

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CLS C16 Kiln Dried 50mm x 100mm, designed for various construction projects. Crafted from high-quality softwood and treated with kiln drying technology, this product offers superior durability and stability compared to untreated timber.

With its planed finish and smooth, straight edges, it is effortless to work with. The precise dimensions of 50mm x 100mm make it an excellent option for wall studs, roof joists, and other structural applications.

This timber product adheres to the Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS), ensuring that it is of the highest quality and suitable for use in construction. The CLS C16 grade is an ideal choice for applications where strength and stability are paramount.

The kiln-drying process removes excess moisture, ensuring that the product has a moisture content of 22% or less. As a result, it is less prone to warping, twisting, or splitting, making it an excellent choice for buildings and structures requiring long-lasting durability.

In summary, the CLS C16 Kiln Dried 50mm x 100mm is a top-quality timber product, perfect for use in various construction projects. Its superior quality and durability make it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional builders alike. This product is optimized for long-term use and provides great value for money. The size of this product is 50mm x 100mm.

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