18mm Hoardboard Softwood Non-Structural Plywood – Pack of 50

Pack of 50

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At Essex Board and Timber, our 18mm Hoard Board, is a robust and versatile solution designed specifically for temporary and reusable construction site hoarding systems. Manufactured with precision and expertise, this high-density, laminated board offers exceptional strength, durability, and performance and is supplied in Packs of 50 sheets.

The 18mm Hoard Board is crafted using a combination of premium quality timber fibres, bonded with a weather-resistant adhesive. This construction ensures maximum stability and structural integrity, making it suitable for demanding construction site environments.

Compliant with the regulations set by industry bodies such as the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and designed with safety in mind, our Hoard Board meets the necessary fire safety standards, offering excellent fire resistance. Its non-combustible properties make it a reliable choice for enclosing construction sites and protecting against fire hazards.

The 50 No. Packs of 18mm Hoard Board provides a professional and presentable appearance with a smooth, uniform surface finish. It can be easily customized and branded with company logos or safety messages, enhancing the site’s visual appeal and promoting a secure working environment.

Installation is hassle-free due to the board’s lightweight yet sturdy nature. It can be quickly assembled, disassembled, and reused, saving both time and costs associated with traditional hoarding methods. Additionally, the moisture-resistant properties of the Hoard Board make it suitable for outdoor applications, ensuring durability even in adverse weather conditions.

Trust in the reliability and quality of our 18mm Hoard Board for your construction site hoarding needs. Its exceptional strength, fire resistance, and ease of installation make it ideal for creating a secure and professional environment. Order today and experience the superior performance of our TTF-approved Hoard Board.

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