OX Tools Trade Bucket Trowel – Wooden Handle 7′ – 180mm

£6.30 exc. VAT

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Brand: OX Tools

Type: Trade Bucket Trowel

Handle: Wooden

Size: 7 inches (180mm)

Price: £6.30

Description: The OX Tools Trade Bucket Trowel with a Wooden Handle is a reliable and versatile tool designed for various bricklaying and plastering tasks. With its sturdy construction and comfortable wooden handle, this trowel provides durability and control for professional results.

Usage: The OX Tools Trade Bucket Trowel with a Wooden Handle is designed for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts who require a high-quality trowel for bricklaying and plastering. It is ideal for tasks such as applying and shaping mortar or plaster. The sturdy construction and precise blade allow for accurate application and smooth finishing.

Invest in the OX Tools Trade Bucket Trowel with a Wooden Handle priced at £6.30 and experience its durability and precision. Whether you’re a professional bricklayer or working on a DIY project, this trowel offers the necessary control and performance to achieve excellent results. Add it to your toolbox and enjoy its reliable craftsmanship.

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