Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps 1000mm

1 mtr Length

£2.32 exc. VAT

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Product Description:
Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps 1000mm

Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps



The Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps in a length of 1000mm are versatile and reliable products designed for providing secure connections in various construction and structural applications. With their affordable price and durable construction, these restraint straps offer excellent value for both professional use and DIY projects.

The Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps are suitable for a range of applications, including connecting timber or metal components to ensure structural stability. They are commonly used in light-duty roofing, wall framing, and general construction projects. The bent design adds strength and stability to the connection.

Constructed from high-quality materials, these restraint straps offer reliable performance and resistance to corrosion. The 1000mm length provides flexibility and adaptability in different installation scenarios. They are designed to meet industry standards and provide lasting durability.

Available at Essex Board and Timber, the Bent Light Duty Restraint Straps in a length of 1000mm are priced at £2.11, making them a cost-effective solution for your structural connection needs. Whether you’re a professional builder or working on a DIY project, these restraint straps deliver secure connections with ease. Add them to your inventory and enjoy their reliability and performance.

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Dimensions 1000 mm
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