30×3.7mm Square Twisted Nails 1 Kilo

1kg Bag

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Product Specification:
30mm x 3.7mm Square Twisted Nails 1 Kilo


  • Width: 30mm
  • Thickness: 3.7mm
  • Weight: 1 kilogram

High-quality steel

The 30×3.7mm Square Twisted Nails offer exceptional holding power and durability for various construction and woodworking projects. Crafted from high-quality steel, these nails ensure reliable performance and secure fastening.

With a width of 30mm and a thickness of 3.7mm, these square twisted nails provide robust strength and stability. The 1-kilogram weight provides an ample supply of nails to meet your project requirements.

Constructed from high-quality steel, these nails are designed for long-lasting durability and resistance to bending or breakage. The material’s strength ensures secure fastening and reliable holding power.

Twisted Design:
Featuring a square twisted design, these nails provide enhanced grip and resistance to withdrawal. The twisted pattern improves the nails’ holding capacity, making them ideal for applications that require extra strength and stability.

The 30mm x 3.7mm Square Twisted Nails are suitable for a wide range of construction and woodworking projects. Whether you’re working on framing, joinery, or general carpentry, these nails are perfect for secure and reliable fastening.

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the 30mm x 3.7mm Square Twisted Nails are the go-to choice for your construction and woodworking needs. With their exceptional strength, durability, and twisted design, these nails provide secure and reliable fastening for your projects. Invest in this 1-kilogram pack of square twisted nails to ensure a strong and long-lasting result.

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